Counter Cards

Counter Cards

Are you a company or individual who want to promote their products and services by showing them on your company’s desks then the counter cards are made right for you. They are designed to show your products and services to the customers and they are usually places on front desks and counters where most of the people are expected to go.

They are designed in such a way that your company’s products are showed on it with complete information and they must be attractive and colorful enough to attract the attention of the customers. These cards work on the principle that once your customer has ordered something, the time between the order placement and payment to get the items is the one where the customer will be free while standing at your counter and that’s the time these counter cards work efficiently. So, the cards must be designed in such a way that they are able to convey the necessary information in seconds when the customer look at them.

They are printed from materials like cardboard and plastics where cardboard printed cards can have different colors and textures on them while the vinyl plastic provide see-through option to get uniqueness. The PVC material is offered in different solid colors while the vinyl and PVC both have waterproofing properties.

The counter cards are printed in full-color which means any kind of text in colors or an image in full-colors can be printed on these cards.

The cards are printed at cheap rates where the premium quality is not compromised and to keep the pricing to minimum, we also offer free shipping of all the ordered items throughout the Australia.


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