Folders, a typically folded mechanism, used for the safe and secure custody of the documents, brochures, pics and other official and personal credentials. Typically used by the offices, shops, retail shops, service centers, the academic institutions, factories, the medical centers, governmental or non-governmental outlets, these are a must mechanism to keep the documents in secure and arranged order. No office or business entity, which is not a paper-less office, can work without the folders.

Five different types and designs for the office and other uses are offered by the which are; business, pocket, presentation, tri-panel and Vinyl folders. You can get all these types printed in any size, any shape or any color, depending upon your choice, business requirements or the company office policy.

Different materials for the different types of the application are used to print folders which are; thick paper, soft / hard cardboard (white, colored and multi-colored), UV coated material, clear / thick / transparent / white Vinyl plastic, soft and thin PVC plastic, some type of fabric or metal foiled material. The quality and the type of the material depends upon the type and its typical use.

Similarly, the images and text are printed on folders with a different combination of the full, rich, dense, bright, shining, glowing, lively, vibrant and eye-catching spectrum of colors. Some of the folders which are used for the pocket, school or academic purposes, are embossed and stamped accordingly.

The cheap and the best quality printed material is shipped to you, free of cost, within Australia, regardless of the size and weight of the consignment.       


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