1. Clear Decals
  2. Custom Decals
  3. Die-Cut Decals
  4. Oval Decals
  5. Rectangular Decals
  6. Round Decals
  7. Square Decal
  8. Vinyl Decals


Decals are the stickers which are peel and stick. They can be printed with the layers whereas the lower layer can be peeled off the adhesive base layer and the stickers can be transferred. The decals are a popular type of sticker in the children market where, after sometime, the upper layer is removed by the children and used for some other purpose. Some of these are printed for sale in the market but others are glued to some of the products. 

Eight beautiful types and designs of stickers, offered by the are; clear, custom, Die-Cut, oval, rectangular, round, square and Vinyl decals. These can be printed in any size, any combination of colors and any shape, depending upon your choice, business requirements and marketing plan and the specific marketing mix for the product.

These stickers are printed on a special type of superfine paper or clear / transparent / white Vinyl plastic or UV coated material with adhesives at their bottom. These adhesives can be removed by peeling off the top layer and the upper layer can be used for another purpose.

Images and text can be printed with a different combination of rich, bright, dense, glowing, shining, vibrant, eye-catching and lively spectrum of colors. Some of the stickers can also be printed with CMYK basic colors. Embossing and stamping can also be applied to the costly type of decals while the Golden / Silver color can be used for the printing to give a touch of high-priced and good quality.

The cheap and good quality decals are shipped to you, free of cost, within Australia, regardless of the size of the consignment.  


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