Door Hangers

Door Hangers

Are you running a hotel who want to give the customers with special door hangers or simply want to to status on the doors of your meeting rooms of business then, the door hangers are best for you. They are made specifically for the purpose of showing the current status and they are made from attractive material and designs.

They are printed in different styles where 4x9 and 5x8 are common sizes but, you can also choose from customized shapes like custom which allows to get any kind of text printed. Die-cut hangers can be printed in any shape of your desires which can be unique and unusual. Traditional shapes like rectangular and round hangers are also offered by us.

All the door hangers are printed from materials like cardboard but, you can also select the plastic materials. The cardboard materials look classic and can be printed in different textures and colors whereas, the plastics material is available in two different types. The vinyl plastic allows to add transparency while the PVC one is available in different solid colors

You can choose to have the hangers printed with added personalization where we offer embossing, stamping and foiling. The foiling can be done in gold or silver while the UV coating allows us to add a layer of protection to protect from scratches and wear and tear.

All the hangers are printed in full-color which means you will be able to have them printed in any color of your desired and any kind of image can also be printed on the hangers.

We offer free shipping of all the ordered items throughout Australia which is done to keep the overall pricing to minimum. You can also get the hangers printed at cheap rates by choosing from different packages for printing.


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