Envelopes are containers made of paper or other material which are used to seal and sent different kind of documents and letters. They are usually used when you want to hide some important documents when carrying them in public places or they are also used when you want to give information to others in a better way.

Envelopes have quickly became the most common way to carry documents in concealed environments without worrying about their loss or disclosure of information of the documents. They can also be used to protect your documents and other items inside from the handling wear and tear which can occur while holding the documents from hands for a long time.

The envelopes are offered in different styles where windowed, non-windowed and number 10 ones where windowed ones have small cut on them which allows to see the information on the documents inside them. Windowed envelopes are used for specifically designed documents to give information without opening the envelope which eliminates the need to add receiver’s name, address, and contact number on envelope separately.

Our printed envelope designs can be printed from materials like paper which not only looks simple but, is also the preferred type of material to make envelopes.

Our customers can choose to have them customized by getting them embossed or stamped while the foiling in gold or silver can be used if you want to add shine in gold or silver. If you want to protect them from scratches then the UV coating might come in handy as it adds a thin transparent plastic layer on them to get protection from scratches.

All the envelopes are printed at cheap rates where no delivery charges are charged disregarding about the consignment size.


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