If you are looking for some kind tagging items to add to your products then our custom printed tags are made right for you. They are made specifically for the purpose of adding details and branding to your products. They are usually hanged to the items but, other types of tags may also be glued.

They can printed from materials like paper, cardboard and vinyl. The paper materials looks simple yet attractive while the cardboard printed ones are stiff and can also have different kind of textures on them. While the vinyl printed ones can have transparency and also provide waterproofing properties.

All of them are available in different shapes where the traditional ones include round, square, rectangular and oval ones. While the customized shapes are custom and die-cut where custom can be used to get any kind of text printed and die-cut is printed in any unusual shape according to your specifications.

You can also choose to have your tags personalized by getting them embossed or stamped which will let you get physical uniqueness while the foiling can be done in gold or silver to achieve shine. You can also get them UV coated to add an extra layer of protection by using a thin-transparent plastic layer.

You can choose to have all the tags printed at cheap rates without worrying about the quality of printing as it is kept to international standard. You can also choose to have your tags delivered free of cost to any location in the Australia.


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