If you are looking for stickers which have no glue on their backs then the clings are made right for you. These are like regular stickers but, they don’t use glue or some other type of adhesive to attach to the surface instead, they are attached to the surface by using static electricity.

These kind of stickers are preferred by people who want to use stickers but, don’t want to destroy the surface by adding glue to it. Clings are mostly used on windows, glass doors and glass tables. They are used widely by restaurants, hotels, businesses and even individuals.

They are printed in different shapes where the most common ones include round, square, rectangular and oval ones. You can also select from other shape custom allows you to get any kind of text printed while the die-cut is useful when you want to have them printed in any unique and unusual shapes.

Different materials are used for the printing of clings where you can choose from options like paper, vinyl and PVC where vinyl and PVC are waterproof. Vinyl material provides see-through option while the PVC ones are available in a variety of solid colors.

Since no adhesive is used attach them to the surface so, they are charged with electricity. The electricity generates static-electricity on them which is used to attach them to the surface.

All the clings are printed at cheap rates where different packages are offered and shipping to any location in the Australia is also done free of cost.


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