Table Tents

Table Tents

Table tents, as the name suggest those kind of placeholders which are placed on tables, front desks of offices and sales counters. They are designed for just once purpose and that is to promote your products and services.

They are usually used by companies when they are launching a new service or introducing product and the best place to promote their services is none other than their sales counters. They are designed with attractive colors and images. They look identical when looked from both sides and they have a small stand beneath them to provide support.

These table tents can be printed from materials like paper and cardboard where paper ones are made from stiff paper while the cardboard ones are much rigid and can also have different textures. They can also be printed from PVC and vinyl plastics to get waterproofing properties.

All of them are available in different styles where custom allows to print any kind of text on them along with images. All these table tents can further be personalized according to your requirements by selecting from emboss, stamp and foiling in gold or silver.

We print all the tents from full-color which means you will be able to have them printed in any color and you also don’t have to worry about color restrictions.

You can choose to have the table tents printed at cheap rates without worrying about the delivery as it is also done free of cost.


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